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Passwort: Stephanie

Feature film, in post-production

Mother: Freya Kreutzkam
Stephanie: (as a child) Zelda Espenschied
Stephanie: (as an adult) Miriam Schiweck
Father: Bernd Wolf

Camera: Jan Fabi
Edited by: Marco Rottig:
Sound on set: Willibald Wonneberger, Isabella Forster
Producer: Vera Paulmann, Nadia Zimmermann
Set design and costumes: Sabrina Mertens
Written and directed by: Sabrina Mertens

Short synopsis:
STEPHANIE is dependent on her parents, like every child.
However, she cannot rely on them to do and know, which is good for her.
At some point she flees into an abysmal world of gloomy desires, the belongs to her alone.